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Part-Time B.Sc. (Biology)?


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Has anyone achieved their B.Sc. (Biology) part time? I took some of the sciences in school but my career path went a different way and I got a Marketing Diploma instead.


Now I would like to be able to complete my B.Sc. part time (while I work full time) for MANY reasons, so is it possible? By the looks of it, the universities around here designed the B.Sc. to be full-time but I'm trying to determine whether I can possibly get some strings pulled.



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Yes completing a degree partime is very possible. Just keep going a few classes at a time.


My step dad originally became a ambulance driver when he got out of the service (navy). He found it was not what he wanted to do.


Well he went back to school partime getting an associates degree (not sure what) Then got a job at a defense contractor and continued going to school.


He became an engineer with a masters degree by going to night school. When I was a young child I can still remember him studying on the dining room table. He is very stable with a nice house, nice cars, nice boat but you see all of that was worked for to get that degree to achieve the quality of life he wanted. He is now approaching 60 and is happy with where he is. He allways has told me if you want to do something do it. Good Luck with it, I need to get myself back into school too!

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Yay! I have a little better feeling about it... I know you can do BUSINESS degrees part time, but I'm hoping that the B.Sc. will be the same. I mean they must offer at least SOME evening biology classes?!


Okay well I'm gonna start calling the universities now... Wish me luck!


My plan is to get my B.Sc. (Honours) within 5 or 6 years, working away at it a couple classes a semester. Then work towards my Masters and Ph.D maybe by the time I'm 40. My mum says lots of people don't get their Ph.D until their late 30's/early 40's so I don't feel like I'm so behind.

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