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thing will never chan=ge will it

played out

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me and my ex GF has been broken up for quite awhile now, and for along while i had trouble comin to terms with it,but nonetheless, i am better,but she will always have a place in my heart. she's really a nice girl. but from since the breakk-up long time ago, she said she didnt want a BF now but we could have still been friends. but it seemed to me even though she said that, most of the time she would treat me less than a friend but others she was good. i dont kno if she's still holds what we once had against me or something.


well about 2 months ago as friends our relationship was rocky as hell, full of argueing. it was both of our faults i guess. (explaining it) when we first broke up i told her even i will try to be friends with her but dont tell me anything if it involves your personal life,(like in the line of other boys).

so later on the phone she tell me she went to the club with 2 girls and a guy from work, thats fine but then she tells me that this boy and her were togehter at the club while the other 2 girls left em, and about 4/5's of the conversation she had with me was about him. then i got mad at her.

and on another occasion when she was at work she told me that one guy found out her age and told her only one more till shes legal.

again i got mad, i kno that girls will likely be flirted with many guys, but my problem is i told her and that kind of stuff isnt appropriate to me, if i told her from beginning that i dont want to kno. and from since then it was argueing for about a month. everytime we talked its like she wasnt into it, it was like hello and what do you want.


(im goin bak in past so to see if there is any thing that is reoccurring) anyway today i called today, cuz i called her acouple dayz earlier but she said she was busy, but she never called bak. and when i asked her why she told me her dad argued with her about us being on the phone for a long time. but i dont see how that got myfault cuz she called me for math homework and i just helped as she requested. so i asked " you didnt call me cuz ur dad would argue with you? and she said she just didnt want to call me. i mean is that what kinda of reaction i should get from her if i helped her? for some reason , i even felt it before but i think that both her and her dad hates me. i have no idea, i have always treated her and her dad respectfully and never spoke condesendingly.


i still love her and she knows it too,but how could she just say that she didnt call me because she didnt want to(and this was almost a week time)? why does she always tell me things that i dont want to kno. at times it drives me insane

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