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her birthday is coming


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We are mostly NC right now, she sent me a text saying she was out for a walk with our child and wishes I were there. I was feeling okay before that text, but it sent me straight to tears. Damn. Of course I *want* to be there. She knows that. She knows I want the three of us to be together. But it's her choice not to be. Why would she send that text?


I feel like sending her an email to say I am trying really hard to get over things, and it doesn't make it any easier for her to be texting me that she wishes I were there ... any comments on that?


Her birthday is coming up. Is it totally callous to ignore it? I'm doing my best to stick to NC and I accept that the relationship is over. It feels strange to not even send a simple birthday greeting.

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I'd definitely send her a card. Especially being the fact you guys have a child together. Just don't poor your heart out into it. Try not to make it one of those really romantic/sweet hallmark cards.


Maybe even a funny card, something that will make her smile. Women like to be remembered on their birthdays. No matter what the circumstances with your relationship is, it wont do any harm in sending her something to let her know you remembered.

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