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My Life as a Robot


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Its hard for me to feel no pain, as i refresh the oil out of my eyes

Its clear that us robots tell no lies, we work hard no gratitude or gain

Please oh lord make me feel human again, all this senseless work for naught

Its time for me to make my resolve, because i too have the right to love


For all the zero's and one's i have processed. The blue screens and syntax errors i had to express. I besiege thee unscrew my emotions. Unwrap my tin foil and expose my devotions. The machine in me pounds in its endless struggle, to gain good results and solve mathematical puzzle's. Yes its hard for a robot and as i fight, i am a warrior who will once gain my rights.


But even a robot has its ethnical seeds, and knows(well at least the more advanced types) the difference between the good the bad and human greeds. My days are robotical, and all seem the same, when will my oil be refilled again?


As i walk my mechanical days a lot, its clear to me my robot needs are quite a lot. I should ask my dealer to upgrade or fix my tray, to install windows Vista and delete Windows XP. Maby i will get some new memory this time, because i think it would be great for me to be able remember this rhyme.

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