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I wonder if this is the real thing


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In the past, I have liked many girls. My problem, as with many shy people, is that we are afraid to talk to girls. When I moved down to my college we had a freshman oreintation. I saw this girl I liked and we had a small talk, not anything huge, but we made our prescenes known.


During the second week of school she sends me this message on a Facebook alternative saying "What's up?" From there it exploded, for the past couple of weeks we have been sending various messages to each other just carrying on a long conversation. Along with that we have gone out a played some pool as well as ping pong (at my school this is free). What is weird to me is that with this girl, I don't feel like I must have sex with her. That makes me wonder what it is that I am feeling.


There is only one problem. She has a boyfriend back home and from what she has told me it is on rocky ground. Even though it is on rocky ground they haven't broken up. I have been talking with her about it, and I am predicting that they will break up.


Now, the main reason for this post is to find one thing: Are these feelings real, or is it me just being a "guy?" AND Is there any hope in sight for a relationship with this girl?

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The feelings are real, but im raising a RED FLAG. While you are blinded by love, ask yourself what her motivations are to be with you. You don't want to end up in some sort of triangle affair, so ask her to break up with her current bf, if she wants to engage with you. Its difficult but its important to protect yourself from getting hurt.

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