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I don't know what to think anymore....


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Well I just got off the phone with my bf of almost 4 months, and lately he has been in a nasty financial situation. He hasn't asked for my financial support, which if he doesn't ask I won't offer, but I know that he will do something for that money that will tear us apart. I know that if he doesn't come up with the money he'll lose his apartment, but what he doesn't know is that he'll lose me when he decides to take up the "offer". I haven't told him that we'll be over if he does it, but I told him that I don't want him to throw his life away. I can't spacifically say waht the offer consists of but it's not life threatening, however it's also illegal. Any input would be very helpful. Please help me....

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i would leave.


can you imagine being married to this man and having kids with him? would you be ok with the father of your child going off, doing something illegal to make rent? what if he gets caught? then you are on your own while he is in prison/jail.


I would wait and see what his decision is, and if he makes the wrong one, break it off with him.


i think that is the best course of action.

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