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How to deal with this...


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I posted about a week ago about a job I got turned down for because of a BS reason...


There are more details here:



So now, the girl who got the job keeps coming up to me and going on and on about how much money she makes, how she loves this job, how fun it is... etc. She never talked to me before, so it's obvious what she is doing. She has also gone around telling everyone why I got turned down. In my opinion they should have never even told her that.


So now I don't really know how to handle it. When she's around I act all calm and friendly. I won't let her see me upset about it. But, I feel like this is something I can't tolerate for very long. Going uip the chain of comand is pointless where I work, believe me, it will do no good.


So does anyone know any tactful ways I could deal with this? Apparently not showing I'm upset isn't working...


I do have a new job lead. My brother woks at a good company that has openings available right now. He is going to try to get me in there. In the seven months he has worked there his pay has already gone up $2 an hour.


Thanks in advance.

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hi cynder. you work with a bunch of freaks. arg.


yeah, see what your brother comes up with. as for this girl... I don't know.... I think karma will get her eventually. I don't know - part of me wonders if you should go to the hiring person's supervisor and tell them that you don't think it was appropriate for the hiring person to tell her why you got turned down.... i don't know if you should do that though.....

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I actually already did that, and (from what I heard) she got wrote up for it. I'm talking about for telling everyone why I got turned down.


I talked to my brother today and he was very encouraging. His company also has a graphic design department that hires internally (unless no one is available)... My work hires right off the stret every time almost.

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