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Me and my bf broke up again a month ago... i'm still living with him because i begged him to let me stay until i can find a good place to stay. After many nights of abuse and fight he finally let me stay. During some days he is good, still treating me like his girlfriend, but we're really not, but than lately he has been really rude to me, and calling me annoying and i didnt even do anything. Some nights after i get off work he would call me crazy and ask me where i am and stuff. Being all suspicious and thinking im doing something behind his back.


I don't understand guys... i trying to be nice but he is still makin my day miserable here, and i have until another month until i can move out because of money.


What should i do.......... How can i make him not be annoyed with me or being so two face.........


Please i really need some advice, just something i can get through these last month

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Hey There,


I think the only thing you can do in this situation is find another place to stay while you straighten out your financial situation.


When you go through a breakup and try to remain living together, it just creates all sorts of drama as he is trying to move on and you are hanging on because you have no where else to go. He's probably frustrated that you are still there when he wants it to be over, and that can't be easy for you to sit and watch him be inconsistant and rude to you because he wants to move on.


Hon, do you have family or friends you could crash with for the last month? I really don't see this changing until you leave. It's like beating a dead horse to stay living with someone who ended the relationship and who clearly doesn't want you there, and it can't be easy for you, either.

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I don't have any friend and friends here...... At least ones that would help me. I moved here for him. He promise me to never put me in a position where i have no place to go. I know im annoying him and it makes me sad to see him like this.


Sometimes he really wnats to hang out with me. Like after work he would blow up my cell phone looking for me. Maybe that is only cuz he has no one else to hang out with.... i'm always his last resort.. I know im not the best, but i really care about him..

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I have to agree with the others. Try and move out as soon as you can. That must be one of the toughest gigs going, living with someone you have just broken up with.


I know im not the best, but i really care about him..


This break up is no comment on you personally. It is just 2 people wwho are no longer compatable. Don't allow it to damage your self esteem.

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