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Dont know what to think?


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Hi my ex broke up with me about 2 weeks ago, but she still calls me and sees me and texts me. She says we broke up cause she was very stressed out about alot of things going on in her life. she just started goin clubbin something she didnt do before, could this help her out with her stress in her life? Last week i used to talk about gettin back together to the point where she got annoyed of it. On sept 30 im leavin the country for 2 weeks and coming back october 14. my b-day is on the 3 and hers is on the 9th. lately i have changed wha she wanted me 2 change (helpin out more, being nicer to her, not arguin) n she says theres a possibility of us going back together in the future. my question is what should i do when i leave the country should i just call her on my b-day n she calls me for minesn then thats it like basiclly make her miss me more? help plz?????? after i come back from the trip, how can i approach to tell her that i want to be back together again and that i changed 100%?


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Why do you want to get back together?


Listen, when people have a hard time and are stressed out they turn to the people they love for support and guidance. This person did the opposite and split up with you.


I don't know how to answer your question except I wouldn't contact her at all and i'd wait for her to let me know if she wanted to be with me. If i'd met someone else by then it would be her tough luck.


Why you're worried about your non-girlfriends birthday is interesting though!

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You lost her when she split up with you my friend.


I've gone through the same thing except I didn't hang on, i've been there and gained the 'you have no dignity' special award!


Why don't you lay your cards out, tell her what you want, don't expect an answer (women love thinking they have power) and leave it at that and move on? She can either come back or stay where she is now.


sorry yea we had 3 years together and basically i dont want to loose her to some 1 else while i leave the country.
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Everyone goes through this to one extent or another.


Let me tell you a story.


I was 17, she was 16, I was at Uni (was a year ahead of myself at school), she was finishing school. I'd slept with one or two girls, she'd slept with no one. We dated and a few months later she was no longer a virgin. We moved in together at 18 and 17. I bought my first flat (that's apartment for the americans) and we had our own little cat called Se7en. Life was great, no arguments etc.....SIX YEARS later we are doing great, i was finishing my masters and she'd finished becoming a pharmacologist, what a great couple, sex was like 3 or 4 times a day, which after 6 years I think is amazing. We were set for life.


One day she comes home and says she's never slept with anyone else and wanted to go out and live a single life. I warned her against it, told her to sleep on it and if she didn't change her mind by the morning i'd hire a van, move her stuff to her parents and we'd go our separate ways.


She didn't change her mind and I followed through on my promise. I didn't speak to her for three years after that day and she got married a few weeks ago which is a different story.


Anyway, the point is, it's hard to let them go, I suffered but sometimes you just have to. She may have come back, your ex may come back to you. You still have to let them go my friend. Give them an uninfluenced chance to assess what you mean to them.


That's how I think people should look at it.


well yea thats true but im worried because she's my first love and basically im fighting for what i believe in and thats our love. im her first love also....
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