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What have I done!!


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Well I'll tell you what I have done... messed it all up. Sort of my go to move latley I guess.


As my last posts have suggested there is a girl I like who I thought liked me also. Well I was on msn tonight and talking to her, she was talking about some guy who liked her and I got jealous, could not help it and she picked up on me acting differently. She was bugging me to tell her what was wrong... so I told her the truth… that I liked her. Yep on MSN!!!


I guess now its out there, there is not much I can do.

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ME: I didn’t want to say this online on MSN

ME: But I like you

HER: what do u mean?

HER: nah its ok ‘rowboat’

HER: just surprised me that’s all

HER: i don’t know what to think or say

ME: you dont have to say anything

ME: I just thought you should know


then she had to go because her dad needed the computer. She said she would txt me and she did.

"Sorry hun!!! I'm so sorry!!! You'r like my bestfriend and I can't stand hurting you."


So yeah i guess she does not feel the same way. At least I know right?

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oh it gets worse another txt "I want you to know your extreemly important to me no matter what, ok?"

I relpy that I am fine really and that she too is important to me.

next txt "" I think I know you, and I know your not fine. I can only emagine how hard it was for you to say it, and i'm not quite sure what to do. what i do know is i want to remain as close"


its a I still want to be friends speech. I now have to decided if I can put my feelings to the side and stay friends.

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yeah I think I will be taking some time for some self-refection. Just on a side note, I replyed to the last txt just saying that really I will be fine and I am sorry to have put it on her. Anyway she relyed with this "mwa mwa mwa you're my wall and I luv you for it. mwa mwa get some sleep ok, and I will make it up to you some how."

What the hell is a "my wall"? it sounds a little too much like i am a wall that she can lean on whenever she desires!!!

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