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Note on a Bathroom Wall

Ipso Fracto Man

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something festers deep down in me


(this crack ain't all it's loved up to be)


something threatens to split me into two



barricaded behind a door


pondering what i came here for


(does "double entendre" ring any bells with you?)



to my right is a pile of waste


on my left is a filthy space


either way that i turn, the choices reek



i stand in front of the great abyss


(i really had to reach down for this)


writing words that i dare not ever speak



none who enter will understand


there is so much inside a man


i'm sure that i will survive this on my own



but is it really the better way?


(can you see what i'm trying to say?)


does the gift that is in me need a home?


this is more than a toilet humor poem -


it's of parallel futures still unknown:


sharing that which is deep within in my bones


or sacrificing my love to stand alone

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