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Blissful Eternity

Ms. Babydoll

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Are you willing to take a chance,

To take a chance with me?

Are you willing to give your heart,

Give your heart to me?


You are PERFECT in my eyes

So much that words could never describe

The way I feel when I'm with you

I feel so great inside


I gave my heart to you so long ago

And I don't think I'll ever get it back

You're haunting my every thought

But funny as it seems, I'm fine with that


Nothing is more BEAUTIFUL

Or more breathtaking than your smile

Not even the beauty of spring

Or maybe I'm just in denial


If I could have you

I would have everything I need

Just to hold you near for a moment

Would be a BLISSFUL ETERNITY for me


*I wrote this for anyone who's fallen head over heels for someone but doesn't know how to tell them, I suggest you just tell them how you feel, it's better than always thinking "what if?"*

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