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i just don't know wat to do anymore

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so i've dated this guy for 2months 2 weeks & 1 day

i know it doesn't seem that long but i really fell in love with him

he was ALWAYS there for me and we maybe got into 4 to 5 fights the most i really could see myself with him for the rest of my life

but one day he said its different now & he doewsn't feel the same anymore

but then like the day we broke up he called me like 2hrs later and then we talked that night for maybe an hour

and like i didn't think the reason he told me he broke up wiht me was true

but then i find out he broke up with me is b/c he loves me & he thinks i deserv better then like we still tlked on the phone at night for bout 1 to 2 hours then like 3 days later he asks someone else out it really broke my heart when that happened but he still tlked to me on the phone at nights 4 bout 1 to 2 hours still and he would ask me questions like do u think will get back together? then like me and him go to a movie together and he kisses me so he cheats on her then he cheats on her again wiht me maybe 4 days later then 2 days after that he breaks up wit her b/c he thinks she is ugly he doesn'y like her and he misses me. We still tlk every night and he always brings up us & like we play truth or dare & he will ask me wat do i feel for him & i'll tell him then i ask him and he says everything then today like idk i just feels l he doesn't care anymore.. its hard to write all ur emotions so u guys probally don't think its that bad but like its just so complicated please help

i just don't kno wat to do anymorie

its just me and him both hv depression(lets keep it at that)

like i've never truly been happy b4 till i found him

i miss him so freaking much

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