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I am a good person, i help others, i care, i try my best every day, but sometimes things move against me in a way i cant explain.

I recently went on a round the world trip to find myself and get a new direction, but i have been through so much pain recently especially the last year.

I have had so much happen, but in a nutshell, i have not been successful in relationships, so i have been accused of being gay, and even had gay people make moves on me, which is very upsetting and hurtful.

Also i live in a terrible area full of weirdos and druggies, i even had belongings taken from me, but i have no money to move away at the moment.

I aslo feel a bit used and trapped, my friends are moving away, and i really got strength from them, and now i feel exposed all the time.

I cant concentrate at the moment, and i need to get a good career, and a good life together before this situation really damages me.

What should i do?

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Hey Toad, you have been identifying the things you need to do. Make a plan to move and stick to it. Save up and think about where you want to be and what you want to do. Each day will be a stepping stone to reaching your goal.


Try not to worry about what others think about you. I know this is easier said than done sometimes, but what matters is your own belief in yourself and determination to move where the opportrunities are for your career.


I wish you all the best with this.

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