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I've been single for a long long time. I'm 22 years old. I believe in Christ and what he did by dying on the cross to save us from our sins. I just don't understand it. I pray everynight for God's will to be done for my situation. The Lord knows the desires for my heart. I don't understand where there should be such a delay. I'm honest, friendly, outgoing, I start in 2 TV shows, I'm involved in my church playing on 4 praise bands, and I volunteer at 2 ministries through Love In the Name of Christ. The student atmosphere at the college I go to is horrible. None of the girls there want to get to know me. It hurts. Everytime I try to talk to one they're just like, "Get away from me." It seems like nobody likes me. I get judged before they even know me. They think I'm a nerd. I'm not a nerd. If there's any girl that will just get to know me and understand me because of my autism, I'd be happy. I can't believe they treat me this way on campus.

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Friend, I'm so sorry to hear you are having such a hard time finding true love, especially when you are as nice and good hearted as you obviously are.


My suggestion: work on yourself. I know you are thinking "what?"


Here's what I noticed in your post:


"No one will talk to me."

"Nobody likes me."

"I can't believe they treat me this way."


It sounds like you have a lot of negativity floating around you right now...that you are emulating. You aren't meaning to, you are just deciding you have failed, then proving yourself right over and over. You have to change this thinking.


Sit down everyday for several minutes and visualize yourself happy, dating all the women you want, and how wonderful you would treat them. Also, you should fall in love with you. This may sound silly, but I assure you it isn't. When you are happy and comfortable with you and who you are, others will also be and be very attracted to you.


Do you believe in the law of attraction? I really do, and it has really been crazy how my life is changing because of my being aware of it. I am very religious and spiritual as well, but this is really a law of the universe God has placed us in.


Find yourself, love yourself, emulate positive thoughts and feelings to the world and to others, and you will feel magnificent...people respond to that energy.

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I pray everynight for God's will to be done for my situation. The Lord knows the desires for my heart. I don't understand where there should be such a delay.


Because it will happen in HIS time....not yours.


I consider myself spiritual but not religious (no fixed organized religion), so we'd probably disagree on a number of specifics regarding that general topic. However, I'm guessin' your belief system includes an all-knowing God who has this somewhat annoying way of doing things on His timetable and not yours. This is where your faith needs to kick in and trust that He knows better than you as to when you (and your future partner) are both ready to meet each other.


I cannot count the number of times I wrote the following line in my journal to remind myself: "In Thy time, not mine"


I didn't meet my husband until I was 37. He was worth waiting around for and going through the other relationships I'd been in before him so I'd be ready for this one.


Beyondthesea offered up some excellent suggestions for things you can do to prepare yourself in the meantime.

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