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my head is screwed and chopped :(


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Ok well from my last thread ( ) something has happened. As you can see i went out tonight with my ex just as mates (yeah, thats right). WE went to the cinema. Film was good and we just went to watch it.


Well halfway through she starts flirting with me. well i call it flirting she was 'wetting' me with the condensation of the drink. First she just put it on my arm and it scared me as i wasnt expecting it as i was watching the film. I then did it back as a playful gesture. Started messing around with it putting it on my face. When it stopped i was just thinking about the good times we had and stuff and i wanted to lean over and give her a kiss but i didnt.


It then made me confused. On one hand i want to get back with her cause we had some great times but then on the other i dont want to because id like to try and get to know that other girl. Not being big headed but i know if i asked her out (my ex) she would say yes.


torn at what to do. if she mentions it i think il just say i wanna play it cool for abit and not jump in so fast this time, or should i just jump in and try and get her back?


It didnt help much either cause she looked great

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well maybe you should think that since you 2 are so good with each other even after a break up and still flirt that maybe its worth a second shot? id give it ago becuse for all you know that new gal isnt even intressted, you know? you cant be looking for all the better all the time and maybe stick with what you got.

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