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Im currently in a delimma..I feel kinda stupid b.c i posted so many threads about my relationship everywhere...people think we shoulnt be together but they coulnt be more wrong..


My bf and i have been in a great relationship for a year now..im to the point were i feel like he deserves some "older" and someone who can give him more than i can. A meaningful conversation..etc. Hes says hes very happy with me and he loves me so much but i fear that he'll lose interest in me. Hes going to colledge in the spring and thats eating at me to. Im still in H.S. Hes says i dont have anything to worry about..so why do i. I dont want people to say that my "emotions" cant handle this relationship. i really dont think thats the problem. I read that alot of older women have the same issues.I just need some support and comforting. I love him dearly and i dont want to lose him because of my insecurities..we have been through so much together and hes helped me with alot of my issues, but i feel like i need to settle this within myself and not turn to him for this problem imparticular.


It really hurts to think about him being with someone else and when im with him i dont feel like im good enough. I compare myself to other girls alot,too. He treats me like a princess and gives me everything i want..why must i feel like this? I knoe i have to believe in us and trust that this will work but i thats why im reaching out for help b.c its harder than i thought..some one, i need good advice..

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I can understand why you would be worried. You are a lot younger than he is, and perhaps you are at different levels in life.


But the point is, he's happy with YOU. He wants to be with YOu. Who knows what will happen in the spring, who knows what will happen in the next 5 years. But you need to trust the fact that right now he loves you and is with you out of choice.


He is choosing to be with you. He could be with anybody else, but you know, so could you. But you love each other and you are committed to each other.


There's no point in worrying about what could happen in the future. You never know what could happen. But just take it day by day.


I know it's a lot harder than it seems like it should be, but you have a great guy who obviously cares about you, and he won't forget you just because he's away at school.

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