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I am usually good at reading people, but this girl I'm seeing is beyond me. We've been dating for a month, and had sex for the first time. We both really care for one another, and are exclusive. So last night, we are at my house. We decide to fall asleep together. We end up kissing and stuff, and then she goes crazy. I tell her I don't have any condoms, and I'm not going to put her in that predicament. She got mad at me! She said "Well just pull out!". I tried to explain that some stuff comes out before ejaculation, and the chance of pregnancy is too high. I told her I also didn't want to because I want to plan it out this time. Candles and music and stuff. She got even more mad! I thought I made the right choice. Why is she mad? I texted her this morning, and she hardly talks to me. She is a very moral person, so this is a huge surprise.


Don't know if this will help... Our relationship is rocky at best. Not anything to do with us, our feelings, or our actions. I'm leaving for a 6 month firefighting academy. She says she doesn't know if she wants to wait or not. I doubt this will help, but I want to give the entire story. I really care for her, but she confuses me. Somedays she will have ups and downs. I'm happy most of the time, and grouchy occasionally, like most people. Anyway, not to get pff on a tangent. Why would she be mad at my decision?

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Believe it or not, I can understand it to an extent. I don't know much of the context, but she may have been hurt b/c you didn't want to have a child with her...it might sound strange but she might be afraid that you are just using her for her body to an extent. It sounds like she might have slept with you before she was truly ready , although I could be wrong on all of it.

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if she's a young woman, she has hormones you've never even dreamed of, that take her on an emotional roller coaster every month. She was probably ovulating, fertile as she can be, and you turned her down (which was smart. If a girl virtually assaults you when no protection is available, her body wants to get pregnant whether her inner self does or not.) So she was frustrated, insulted, and felt rejected. I wouldn't say she's a nut job, but she sounds kind of immature or insecure about your feelings for her. If she's a keeper, and you can still talk to her, explain that you declined because you care about her, and you placed her well-being above the almost overwhelming desire you felt/feel for her. But you have to mean it for that to sound believable; don't even try it unless you do.


As for your captivatingly romantic nature, any woman I know would be putty in your sweet hands, and the current lady doesn't know how good she has it.



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