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hey folks, I've got threads all over the place, trying to figure things out.


well I wanted to ask people what is the best way (other than NC) to make up with a love one for giving them an ok relationship?


basically, my ex said that "i think I will be happier with other people". and that kind of made me think, you know?


but she insists she wants to be friends (and its not the gentle let down phrase either) and I believe she has a genuine want for me to be around her as a friend. but ive been thinking of sticking around to prove to her I have changed from the bad guy she knew and would want her to see me in a different light (same tastes, compatibility, etc)


i just want to know what people would do to "make up" for the bad thngs people have done in a relationship and strived to make up for it and make them realize that whatever it is you've done wrong is far less important than the good that you can do when you're with them..



any opinions would be welcome. thanks!

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I know. I'm trying hard to live with that. but knowing that there are other factors involved (new men, new friends) she doesnt have the time or the energy or the desire to make as much effort as I need her to. She wants to be friends but I know I'm not her priority anymore. which sucks bigtime. I'm the one wanting to make it better but she's just overwhelmed by everything else AND me.

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