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looking for input


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I don't think it is wrong, but I do think it is not possible. you may thnk it is... but I have often found confusion between true love and pining. It is most defeinately possible to yearn for multiple people... but to love? I haven't found it.


Let me qualify by saying ... not possible to 'love equally'

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as in your partner in a relationship...i would say yes u can love two people at the same time however, all that means is that neither one is the one for you...i had a friend tell me once that he was in that situation...and he couldn't decide which one he should be with...and i told him NEITHER...because when u are in LOVE with someone...there is no other person...and its really easy to know when u are in LOVE because this type of deliema doesn't happen. never enters the picture. i hope u find that because that's the best!

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so i see people care....and though it has been said" you

cannot love two without loving one more", i know that

statment is link removed entire question was aimed at

what people felt. not to offend, but like a gay person

coming out. (no, i AM not gay)..but just want to be

happy with the way i am. comited 2ce.

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what is wrong with people these days? if you can be honest

with these two people, what is the problem? society? we really

need to worry about that. drugs, rape, murder....ect. ect. ect...

there is far to little true love in this world. dont let society tell

you how to love.

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