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Body language.


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What's the girl's body language that shows she is interested in you?



Another thing i noticed, Girls will actually flirt with me so i would help them out in school work etc. In the past I would blindly fall into this trap and help them out becuase i think they are interested, but now as i've been through a few hellish times, I know they are only doing it for their selfish needs. I'm not saying all girls do this, just the ones i've meet at my University. SOme of them shouldn't randomly flirt with guys as i know they have a BF which they like to hide from me, but luckily I know some girls that always tells me things about them.

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think about myself that I never flirt (I also don't take a lot of initiative, when a boy is interested I start knowing each other the better and yes I give signals if I like him as well.. let's think which ones it could be.. )


I'm not that sure and I think they don't

need to be there and not all of them


- being interested in the things you do and you as a person

- signs that she has thought of you while she was alone/busy with something else

- asking about something you told about time before (so she has been thinking about it or it has made impression to her)

- she's feeling proud/shy when you two are together

- she's telling personal things / you can see she trust you/feel good when she's with you or can talk to you/feel safety by being with you

- she returns or keeps on making contact/she can feel shy

- her 'pupils'(not good english I guess..) (black piece in the eye) are getting bigger when she's with you/looking in yours

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Depending on how outgoing the girl in question is, girl's generally make it somewhat obvious (or at least detectable) when they're flirting with you through body language. Of course, this is assuming that the girls you're talking about are comfortable with themselves and are experienced at flirting (that is, few self esteem issues, or else the language tends to be the reverse of what you would expect).


Girls generally will be open - instead of slouching over and crossing their arms, they'll roll their shoulders back. A girl might try to accidentally bump into you, and when she does, do so for more time than might be required for a standard bump. Eye contact is pretty key. She'll make an excuse to touch you, either accidentally or purposefully. The typical sort of thing. We don't come with manuals but if we're flirting with you, we're not that hard to figure out.


As for your experiences at uni, that's a pretty low level to stoop to, though it's still unsurprising. Hopefully you can detect the difference between fabricated and genuine flirting now after all that...? Or at least keep your guard up when they start asking about hw.

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