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Today my Daddy told me that my well-being is more important than my schooling.

That really made me feel better.

Today I forced myself to go different places even though I was exhausted and felt drained of energy.

My boyfriend wants some time alone, he's stressed from work and school.

It's totally understandable, but I've been waiting all day to see him.

I feel much more alone these days. Espicially since he doesn't have much time for me.

I don't think he'll even care when I leave to go home.

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Hey Grace,


Yes, you are more important than school or work or anything material,


Your feelings are a normal effect of rape,


Here are what other survivors have written


"I feel very sad, like I lost a part of me."


"I have this intense anger that I never felt before."


Many survivors experience intense emotions in the aftermath of a sexual assault. At times, you may feel angry. You may also feel afraid, anxious or depressed.


The loneliness you are feeling is a result of depression,


This loneliness and despair will go away with time.





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