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Dawson College Shooting


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"Look, so what if it's our physics teacher throwing a little party for his students? It won't be that bad. Just come."

"I dunno, I could just hang out with friends in the caf or something."

"At least come for five minutes, eat some snacks and then you can leave."



Eight minutes in, there are a total of 7 students, and 1 teacher over there, so the teacher starts thinking aloud: "I know that this isn't exactly cool, and there are other things people rather be doing for an hour of their day, but I expected more than 7 people to show up. I'm going to go check the room we normally have class in to see if people missed the sign."


15 minutes later, he hadn't het come back. We started getting a little curious as to what is happening, when a woman runs up to the room and tells us "Take the nearest exit, leave the building. NOW!" So we leave the building, in no hurry, thinking it's a fire drill or something. Outside, we see police men, and only then do I realise that something serious has happened.


We walked accross the street into a small park, I asked around about what was happening until someone finally answered me. Someone was inside the school and he had a gun, one person was already shot, and there were hostages. I grabbed a cell phone to call my parents and tell them the news, and to assure them I was safe, but the network was full with people calling. I guess it isn't meant to handle 10,000 people calling all at once. After a bit of waiting, looking around for friend, three gun shots are heard, and all of the 1,000 or so students waiting in the park run.


Have you ever seen one of those movies or commercials where the streets are full with people stampeding through? Well, it was just that. I ran to a nearby school where some of my friends go to, to see if they were okay, and just talk about it. Once I get there, they announce over the PA "There has been a shooting over at Dawson College, noone is permitted to leave the building until further notice." "Great choice for a place to go," I thought to myself.


An hour and a half and one crashed course later, students are released into the streets, and I get a ride home since the busses and metros are all closed.


I really don't know how to feel right now. Everything just feels a little empty, and uneasy. I'm thankful that I didn't see anything, since it would be impossible to sleep with the image of someone getting shot stuck in my head, but just knowing that it could have been me, that I left the area of the shooting five minutes before it happened makes me feel uneasy.


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(Story is constantly being updated, so quote might be out of date)

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