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It's time to embrace me!!!


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I'm so over this!


(this will basically be a rant i'd love some encouragement or helpful input from anyone)


Constantly worrying if this guy likes me, and then hearing that some random guy likes me and worrying if he's going to stop liking me or has stoped liking me. I'd done with it!!


I'm done with feeling sorry for myself in regards to the fact that all my friends are in serious sexual relationships right now, i don't care!! Thats them not me, i don't neeeeed someone in my life to be a complete individual.


I'm gorgeous, talented, well spoken, unique, i'm hard working, and most importantly i don't need a guy to validate me, i'm enough without someone else. I don't need someone else to love me in that way for me to feel special or beautiful. I am beautiful! Both inside and out, and i'm going to embrace that.


I'm going to meditate on how much i've accomplished as an individual, my strenghs, my beauty. It's about time i did. Pepping everyone else up is all fine and dandy, but i need to take the time to strenghen myself also.


So enotaloners, i'm pledging this to myself with you all as my witnesses. I'm going to take the time to relish how amazing i am, WITHOUT a guy!!! I won't back track this time, i won't fall back into my self-pity every time i see my friends and their boyfriends or see someone i like but can't have. I'M OVER THAT!!!


I am me, i'm fine how i am, i'm beautiful as i am, i'm perfect as i am. I don't need to change to suit someone else. I am me!

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I'm not at all trying to bash on guys, i love guys. I've never had a boyfriend and that used to really upset me bring me to tears, it still does at times, and i'm just saying i'm not going to let that happen anymore, i'm not going to try and change who i am so a guy will like me. I'm trying to teach myself i'm worth more that that, an i'm beautiful as i am.

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