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alopecia areata

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Hello there


Since a few weeks, guess longer then a month, I've lost quite more hair then usual. Now my exams are finished, I've just googled a little about hair loss and I directly found this alopecia areata and the discription and pictures look quite similar as in my situation. Maybe I'm seeking it too far. But I can't remember that even when I pulled a little at my hair when it was before that it would fall out so easily. Anyone who has experience with it or something?

Thank you..

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On the sites about that I've found that they don't know yet if stress or psychological problems can cause this one, but that they guess that it makes that there will be more chance to get it.. (but maybe there are sites with more recent information, have'nt looked that much yet)

I don't know the word thyroïd

Think I have'nt checked anything. Must say that since it is this easy to 'pull'out a hair that I've done it (must say that I've started to like that feeling glides out easily, like I could pull out every hair (I do it always in the same area, guess it's harder at some other places). Hmm, at the moment, I've lost quite a lot in contradiction of how much hair I had about 1,5 month ago (sometimes feeling a bit ashame b/c other people find out) but the bald places (think two in general) are covered with the hair more at the top of my head. Asking myself IF it really is this or just the fact that I do it myself or something, and if that means that there's something else wrong with me like 'schildklier'(Sorry, I'll search for translation later)and I've read that if it's that, hair doesn't come back in 20%of the cases, and even if there's chance it will happen again and that it usually is worse when it starts in puberty. But maybe there's no problem at all and am I just worrying But can't remember that it's normal and so easy painless to pull out hair.

About that stress (or what they called psychical trauma),

during Christmas my bf has broken up and I still can FEEL a broken heart and I used to cry every day for months, and b/c you said about 4months, well I don't feel that better last months b/c he has a new girl since a little more than 2months, when I found it I felt quite in shock (not real shock, hun), I still feel very quite, heartbroken, regretting, sorry, confused, worried,..

BTW the sacks (or how do you call it), I mean the parts of the hair that come from inside the skin, are coloured black and are usually flat (look 'dead'). Reactions or questions are welcome. Thank you for your soon response..

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  • 1 month later...

I have done bloodtests and went to the dermatologist. It is that what we called..

At the moment I'm almost bald at the middle of my head, before I was at the back of my head. If I 'want' I can make myself as bald as I want. I don't feel pain or don't have to make a real effort to get my hair out of my head.

I have to look for something to wear b/c I guess it would be better for example when I'm going to college. The dermatologist said it grew back extremely fast, so that's positive. Reacting isn't necessairy anymore. Thanks for your help.

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now I have to go on control in the hospital regulary

I put my hair out myself, it doesn't feel fine when I leave it inside my head

the ends are almost always black

If there's someone who has (had) it it would be nice to hear some reaction.

Now I'm wearing synthetic hair (usually darkbrown).

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here a picture of me with my *synthetic hair* (don't know how to say in english ) (the one most at the left is my own hair, about 1,3 year ago)


link removed


there still are several 'active areas' but now I have to return to the hospital just after three months (instead of every month)

BTW, I found out that the hair at my genitals, I can pull it out as well without feeling (pain) and it had the same endings as the hair in my head (though in my head the endings are black and the other place like light grey)

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I'm sorry to hear about your hair loss. What has your doctor said about it? I think your synthetic hair looks very realistic, but it must be very traumatic for you anyway.


I have a friend who is currently experiencing this condition and they don't know what is causing it for her. I've been trying to do a bit of research, but it seems to inconclusive.

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how do you mean you've done research? Searching information (internet, books,..) or real scientific by yourself?


I'm not very frustrated, I always gave way more value to someone's inside instead of outside and as well in my own case, people should accept me how I am and otherwise I'm not interested in them


It really is alopecea areata in my case. You have different kinds of it (whole the body (including arms etc.) that's loosing hair or just the head, or like me, just the hair on the head (that's why it confuses me a little that also my genitals seems to be an active area)).


Well, if you or your friend has an question, perhaps I know the answer b/c I've visited the hospital quite often (for control) so I know about it. The reason they think in general is heavy stress (usually during a longer period, I think) but I think that they (the scientific persons) are not yet 100% sure about it.

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wow, thanks for the compliment!

Not sure if I understood your last question, I think you meant 1) if I see someone professional or otherwise (don't think so) 2) that you meant if it is caused by seeing someone.

2) I think it happened due to a break-up after my (nine month during)relationship with my boyfriend 1,3 years ago in combination with having heavy exams (university and bad connection with my previous study).

1) I'm only under control at the hospital, still having more stress than most people, I think, but I started being more relaxed than before and I think I don't want my ex back anymore.

Thanks for being interested. So how's your friend doing? How long does she have this and is it only the hair at her head? Does she visit the hospital as well?

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I did mean are you seeing a professional, or a therapist or something like that? If not, that might really help especially with regard to your ex. I know how much breakups can hurt.


My friend's hair started to fall out a couple of months ago. She has also been under a great deal of stress because she moved countries about 6 months ago and is not doing well financially. She also went through a breakup just before she moved. She has been to see a doctor and they checked her thyroid and hormone levels and she was all fine. They are now doing skin tests to see if anything comes up. I think the stress of her hair falling out is making her even more stressed. She is also beautiful, so it's so sad. I don't know what I can do, other than to just be there for her.


Anyway, I really hope things get better for you! Just try to relax and enjoy life. Good luck

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It doesn't make me very unhappy and in your friends place I would think there's no need as well. Usually is stops after about a year, in some cases it returns in a later period of life. Skintests I needn't do, luckily, I already was afraid of it (taking away some skin -> a biopt), it was clear enough for them it is alopecea, b/c of the form (rounded bald places). I think by your friend the hairendings must be 'black' as well, if she would pull some hair out (they told me it's better not to do that, the 'black' color is due to a huge amount of white bloodcells around the binding of the hair under the skin (don't know the english word but think you'll understand what I mean), so it's like it's not good connected. That black end is like a fluid (so it seems to me). For ex. when I have a blanc (writing)paper and I lay one of those hairs on it, I press at that black end, than it stitches (think that's right english and the right word) on the paper, so the fluid connects it.

I don't see a therapist and haven't seen any. Just used this forum when I felt bad about that relationship.

Guess she should just love herself enough and stop worrying about things and feel more secure about herself, I regret I wasn't like that about a year ago and now I am more.

If you/she has other questions, feel free to let me know. But I think finally she will need to wear such hair as I do b/c the falling out of my own happened in quite a short period (maybe 3 months, I think).

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