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Going back home...


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I'll be going back home.

I'll be gone for a month.

I'm ready. I feel like I don't have any feelings left.

I need to go home so that I can get the help I need to graduate.

My parents will be their constantly encouraging me, and I believe that's what I need.

I'm not even nervous about it right now.

But I know I'll miss my boyfriend and my kittens.

They are in their growing phase and I'm going to miss them so much!

I haven't been away from my boyfriend since the rape.

We meet a week after I was raped.

On the upside I do have a job waiting for me at home.

There are lots of things I'll be able to buy my boyfriend.

I can even buy him his birthday presents.

I guess that's an upside.

And I do have a cat at home, her name is Amber, and I love her to death.

She's my first baby.

I'm ready for any change in life right now because things aren't going that great.

Oh well.

What can I say?

Nothing I guess.

I'll have to buy hella food for my kittens. I'll store it at my boyfriend's house.

He's so busy all of the time.

And I'll have to teach him how to give them their medicine.

Oh well, that's life right?

I guess so.


Anywho. I guess that's it.

I've got to graduate, and I don't think I'll be able to do it on my own.

It can be like my younger years when my parents constantly remind me to study.

Afterall, I feel like a child anyways.

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