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How many chances? And now what?


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Typically how many chances do you get with agirl?

Like with this one girl she gave me at least 4-5 chances that at the time I didn't see for their face value and didn't take them. half of them happened one semester the other happened about 3 or 4 months later.


It wasn't that I pissed her off or made her mad but I was just curious how many chances does a girl typically give a guy? cus it seems like I've received by far too many.


To my next question.

Every time she sees me she gets really excited almsot as if she hasn't seen me for years.

Just the other week she text'd me saying that since her phone was breaking it reminded her of me since my phone once broke. I didn't reply. This was pretty much out of the blue since we didn't really talk for about 2-3 weeks. Then yesterday she calls me and asks me if I want to go work out at the gym with her. I was like umm sure. So tell me is this just her trying to be her overlyfriendly self as usual? Or am I about to blow yet another opprotunity.

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I'm not playing hard to get I even told her once that I liked her but then she told me she thought that was the case and then nothing happened.


It was always more that I liked her, then I wouldn't but she'd like me, etc, etc.


But today we did work out and it was good but I don't think there's anything there.

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Well yeah the only weird thing about the whole workout experience was that she wants me to go with her to Race for the Cure and run with her.

and she wants to see me again friday to work out again.


Then at the end of the thing she kind of gave me a hug but rubbed her face against mine.

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She's giving you another opportunity!


I for one wouldn't act like this around a guy i didn't want to get to know better....i don't waste my time on guys i don't see as a possible (unless its a possible friendship)...and i certainly don't screech at a 'friend' when i see him!


cat and mouse is OK...except one of you always gets hurt...maybe because you are being aloof, she is more into tryin to get you to change your mind - and thinks you've gone off her!?


But still stand by opening sentence!

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a rule book?


like can u be a cat and have nine lives?


plus, what is with 'the give me another chance' anyways?


either u are in or u are out?


basically i think when one person says ENUFF! that's it. hey, it doesn't matter what the situation or circumstance is, just do what is best for yerself.


i really never thought about how many chances i would give because i guess i wouldn't think of it that way...sounds like u are weighing risk...i guess when u first start thinking of it that way...its done.

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