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Leaving town for awhile...Advice on what to say to new interest?


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I've posted question a couple times here and got the best advice. I've never given advice because I'm a dolt at this stuff (34 and still single). Thanks to the wise ones here at eNotalone.



So...I met this great, beautiful, intelligent girl out of the blue on the street downtown just by calling her over (I never do that). We talked for a good half hour (much to the chagrin of my waiting friends) before she had to go. We REALLY connected, I had those tingles. I got her email address and she was greatly pleased and surprised to hear from me. We've exchanged several emails now and we are obviously attracted to one another (I am VERY attracted to her, she has some of those qualities I'm looking for in the ONE).


The problem is that I'm leaving on a 3 month internship several hundred miles away shortly. Since we have been both very busy lately, and she lives 40 miles away, we haven't been able to meet face to face again.


So I emailed her to ask if she wants to meet before I go, for dinner, and she says yes but says I don't want to disappoint your fantasy of me. I say (because I don't want to scare her away) there's no pressure here, just an opportunity to start a great friendship. She says yeah, I am also looking for a new friend.


I want to keep her interested and keep in touch (truthfully I want the emails to get much more deeply involved about how excited I am about her, and her about me) while I'm away. I'm old enough to know that it's not love right off the bat and not to dwell on it. I just want it to grow if it may. What is the best way to let her know these things when I meet her for dinner? Did I mess up by bringing up the "friends" subject? Should I let fate work its course or take the Bull by the horns? Also, I am 34, she is 26. She doesn't know how old I am yet (I look very young for my age). What to do about that?


Sorry so long...anyone with the patience to get this far and give advice, you are my angel!

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