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i hate hate hate hate hate ME.

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ok...well, this is going to sound awfully weird....but i hate, with every last feeling i have, my hidious vagina. AND, i've read many many things on other girl's postings about thier vaginas and how they hate them...and i understand im normal. but why do ALL of my friends and other girls have the cute, flat, (nothing * * * *ing hanging out) vaginas? its not fair...i hate mine so much. it like, brings me to tears when i think about it. what kind do guys like more? would a guy ever jump out of bed with a girl because of it? im not prude, tho i have morals... but im extremly self conscious. i'm not really sure why im posting this...but ugh....


this sucks.

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I've never had a guy friend mention a preference regarding the inner labia one way or the other and I've been around a long time. I've seen them big, I've seen them virtually nonexistent, and I personally don't think it's important.


If it really upsets you that much, however, there is a routine surgical procedure that you could consider having done someday. Google the word "labiaplasty" for more information.

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Hahaha - you made me laughed. Thank you!


I hate mine as well - though it's not hanging out - it isn't pretty. And since when all vaginas are pretty? And I still understand why men love them so much. LoL


My late but very smart and wise grandmother told me once -

Men were born by the vagina and will die by the vagina. It doesn't matter how disfigured it is - it still holds his whole world.


Accept yourself because men really don't take into thinking these things. You'll be so surprised that they don't care about the shape or size of it as long as it is attached to a warm body.

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You've actually seen all your friends vaginas?


Hmm. I dunno the answer to your situation.


Maybe talk to your vagina? Might go something like this:

V: "Why you hating on me? I am just being what I am. I give you so much pleasure."

You: "I hate you! I hate you!"

V: "Aw, c'mon, let's make up. I love you."


Well, maybe not.

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what kind do guys like more? would a guy ever jump out of bed with a girl because of it?


i'm a guy and i think you're being very silly. couple things: a) i think by the time a guy is in position to see all of you, he is going to be more than happy regardless of how you look, b) and if he did care, why would you want to be with someone like that? a guy that would dump a girl for something ridiculous is someone that's cold, heartless and not someone that you want to be involved with at all.


love yourself! i can imagine improving your self-image if you were too thin or too big because those are things you can work on. but to hate something that you were born with... don't lose too much sleep over it.

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I've never heard of a hidious vagina before. I never knew such a thing was possible.

[Granted the only vagina I've seen is my own].

What do you mean it's all hanging out?

I really want to understand your post, but what's "hanging out"?

I'm sure that whatever is discouraging you about your vagina isn't as bad as you believe it to be.

Would it be embarrassing to explain futher???

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Hmmm.. its not that serious but i know exactly how u feel girl. myn "hangs out" too. I used be jealous of my best friends vagina! But u have to learn to love your labia! I was self-conscience about mine, i didnt want my boyfriend to think it was hideous but i learned that if whats attached to it is beautiful (or what its attached to; must i say attached???) then what makes your vagina "ugly" doesnt really matter. Since when are they "cute" any way? Monkeys are cute. Vaginas+women=beautiful...ummm u knoe what im mean

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Hey, I don't like mine either, but honestly... no biggie. I mean, first of all, I'm not a pornstar, so I don't have any obligation to keep things all "pretty" down there. Second, you don't go thru life showing it to the world do you? Is always inside your pants. Even if u look into the mirror naked, you hardly see the whole thing.


Maybe ur spending too much time looking at it and getting all upset about it.


As long as it works properly, the looks are secondary IMO.


When the person ur with is all hot, that last thing on his/her mind is comparing it to a Playmate.

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I feel very immature to say this but I think mostly all vaginas I have every see (mostly in pictures) have been very visually perfect. I mean it's just not something that can be ugly, unless it's on an old lady and..yeah I would throw up.


I think if your young, like 17-35..you probably have a sexy vagina...lol. Im being serious though. It's just sexy, I'm a young man very visually stimilated. Even when I'm feeling depressed and no sexual energy..My heart starts beating at the site of a sexy woman I see.


Don't worry, only some sick fetish freak would think he was too good for yours. This is sort of a funny topic though.

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