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Driving my insane!


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Hey all,


So surprise surprise there is this girl… she is driving me crazy with her hot and cold every which way approach to me. I used to go to uni with her, but I changed institutions and am now no longer there. So I was on IM today and talking to her, and she says something's that just don't quite fit.

She said "well its her loss(talking about my ex)" "I don't get why all the girls all over you".

I said "yeah I know its hard to believe not all girls instantly attracted to me"

She said "I'm not kidding, you are like the perfect guy", I said "so you think I am the perfect guy and I think you are the perfect girl"

She said " yeah but that's not true I have so many flaws"

I agreed and said that "yeah your right… you are way too beautiful, much too smart, ridiculously too funny, and the list goes on"

She said "see when you say things like that u make me weak"

She said "you have a way with words"

She said "you are by far the only guy I Know that can do that to me"

She said "anyway I have to go to sleep"

She said "I wish I could seriously give you a kiss....but this will have to do Mwah"

So my point is she does this all the time and then will go on about another guy she likes but says is to shy to ask out.


Well I guess this was more of a vent then anything else. But say what you will

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