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Some Advice please: Did he lose interest?


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Hello Everyone:


I guess you guys got this question a bunch of times... but here it goes:


I met this guy in a club back in October... he came over with his buddies and we ended up dancing all night. Then at the end I gave him my number... well he didnt call me, but I saw them again at a club and he came over to apologize for not calling and say hi.


Finally he called, left a message and I called him like a week later (got his number from caller ID). From then on we talked everyday at least 30 mins... He would always call me first and everytime he said he was going to call me, never said he was going to call and didnt.


Well we finally went on our first date but nothing happened, he didnt try to kiss me and walked me to my door. Ten minutes later he called to let me know what a nice time he had etc. He called me the next day and then we lost touch for 5 days because we both went away for Thanksgiving and I went on a cruise. He called me again when he knew I was back from my cruise. He said he would call me the next day and never did... I called him and left him a message and no call back. So finally I told a friend to call him and just say wrong number... I wanted to know if he was in town since he got a new job and was very busy. He did answer meaning he was in town, but didnt bother to return my call...


Now that you heard the whole story, what's up? He seemed to be so interested, and I did call him leaving a message in his answering machine so if he was interested he could give me a call back... I really like this guy, and I thought he liked me too... threw a few hints like saying how he needed to visit me once I go to law school etc... what should I do? it has been 3 days since my message, but I havent heard anything from him. Thank you for your answers!

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Hey, I have read that guys (and gals) go through a stage known as the uncertainty stage, which is perfectly normal. They kinda pull away for awhile to figure out if the relationship is what he really wants. Your job would be to let him have his space and if and when he comes back around welcome him openly and warmly. If you show anger towards him, he will quickly become discourage and run the other way. You also have to remember there is that chance that he may decide the relationship is not what he wants, but from the sounds of things, i think things will work out for your advantage.


Hope this helps. You may want to check our men are from mars and women are from venus dating. It is a great book.



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