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Question for girls?


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what if it is a guy that you knew for a long time but he recently revealed to you that he had liked you for a long time and always wanted to ask you out. Would that change things at all? would you go anyway based on the past friendship?


Ewww...the only way that would change things for me is that I'd probably be even more resolute about not going alone with him. I mean if I didn't like him back, that is. I mean it's kind of creepy to be out with someone when you know he's lusting after you and you're so not there with him.

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I agree with the majority here in regard to the OP's question.



in regard to tretneo's question, yeah I would probably go if the guy and I were already friends and then he let me know he had feelings for me and I didn't. I wouldn't necessarily want to lose the friendship b/c of a crush. He'd just have to know the feeling was not mutual.

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