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Time Apart Issue... What Exactly Does This Mean?

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To Those That Have Said We Need Time Apart, Could Someone Please Tell Me If This Is A Good Thing Or If It's The Cop-out Way To Really End The Relationship. Im My Story There Is No Other Woman, We've Just Fought To Exhaustion. These Were The Exact Words From My Boyfriend Of A Year " I Think We Need Time Apart To Evaluate Or Relationship And Figure Out If It's Worth Saving" Does This Mean I Need To Give Him His Space And When He Is Ready To Contact Me He Will?

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Alot Of Disagreements. We Could Never See Eye To Eye On Anything, But We Always Hung In There. I Was Impatient About Everything, I Questioned Him Alot And Felt That If He Didn't Want To Be Around Me At Times That He Had Lost Interest. He Has Been The Type To Break Up With Me Over The Slightest Disagreements, I Guess That Was His Way Of Dealing With Issues - But We Would Always Pull Through. I Think This Last Time It's Pure Exhaustion Of All The Bickering That We Have Done. I Though Am Not One To Give Up When Things Get A Little Rough, He On The Other Hand Has Either Given Up Or He's Just Giving This Thought.

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