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NC screwed


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oh my...


i just logged onto my faceparty accoutn and saw that my ex had messaged me there asking why hadn't I messaged her and that she is missing me lots.


I accidentally clicked on her profile, i say this because I have refused to look at her profile for this reason but i see she has a new boyfriend who is all these things.


I am so cut now I was at day 50 of nc but now completely wrrecked

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I don't believe it's a major setback. I could see this single event effecting you in an emotional way and it may be a small step back but these things can happen.


And, since you're still affected by her then I suggest continuing NC and not clicking on any links or emails she sends you. I'm not familiar with "faceparty" but if it allows then block her to ensure no further contact.

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Glad to see you are back!!!


I know it seems like a set-back,


But in my opinion it's a blessing in disguise,


If she really felt as sincerely about you,


And really cared about you,


She wouldn't have found another man,


So consider this your closure,


And now you can let go of her,


You absolutely cannot email her, call her,


Do not check her facebook again,


That is her signal that she has moved on,


Don't waste your time with her,


Find a woman who can be by your side,


And not scoping out another man,


Hugs and sorry you had to go through that,



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