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i jus found out from her that she is seeing some other bloke. the bloke that she was texting when she was still with me. we have only broken up a week ago.


how can she jus drop all her feelings for someone who proposed to her and go out with someone else?


havin a really bad day. thought i was getting over her and now this.


how can people move on so quickly



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for about a week before we broke up. it doesnt matter now. i have decided its not worth worrying about. i think my main problem was that i always thought i might be able to get back with her no matter what i said to anyone. but now i know that she is seeing this other bloke i know that i dont want to get back with her. mayb in time i might be able to be friends but nothing more cause i wont be able to trust anything she says to me about her feelings towards me. i doubt we will even be friends anyway.


if she want to get together with a bloke who is 35, going bald, fat and wears the same pink shirt up the pub everynight then so be it. (she is jus bout to turn 19 btw)


best of luck to her and all that crap



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