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One year later

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A year ago tonight I was in shock after getting dumped, and was busily planning a tidy exit from life by my own hand. My plans fell apart. The next morning I was locked in a nuthouse with severely impaired people watching the same 9-11 story you'll see rehashed tomorrow.


A year later, I'm stronger and in some ways even happier, thanks to a number of good people, many of them on this forum. You know who you are.


Thanks all. You've been wonderful.

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Dako, your ex's loss is our gain, lol. Don't know if that helps. But I selfishly can't help but think that!


Seriously, you've accomplished a great deal this year, taken the hugest risk of all: get on with living when your immediate life crashes all around you.


I hope you realize how much tremendous character and courage that called for. You should be proud of having such virtues, friend. They're rare.

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Your posts have helped me so much since I found this site. I love to read them, funny, sad, wise, or inspirational, I look forward to them. It helps people

so much to find a place like this, and people like you to help. Thanks~I

will raise my glass to you as well. I wish you everything good as you continue on your journey. Take good care~


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