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When should I make the bf/gf title official?


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LOL. Everytime I hear this question I am instantly thrown back in time to junior high when we all "going" with someone.


Did you plan on asking her "will you be my girlfriend"? or

Were you just asking when to refer to her as that in public?


I think just a casual mention over the phone that you were telling someone what your girlfriend said, and see if she says anything is the safest route if you want to pin her this quick. If she says AWWWWW, your in like Flynn. If she says NAWWWWW, then back it up quick and just say, oh, well, you know what I mean, I just didn't know how to refer to you and Lady Friend sounded degrading....


hee hee. I am going to go ask Trevor now if he will be my boyfriend.

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