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Ideas for dates! - PLEASE HELP!


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So i am trying to think of ideas for dates that don't cost any or minimal amount of money. Every time we go out we end up spending like 15 dollars and it adds up every date. We're trying to find things to do that don't cost too much or no money and are all still fun and enjoyable. I would appreciate any ideas or suggestions! thank you in advance

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Hey proman,


My boyfriend and I have the same problem, we're college students with no money. Here's a couple of things we do...



We go to the park w/ or w/o friends

- bring a soccer ball and kick it around, or throw around a football

- pack up whatever it was you were going to eat at home that night and bring it with you for a picnic

- it sounds weird but just bring a blanket and lay down and talk, watch clouds, whatever... you'd be surprised at the interesting conversations that can come from this

- bring roller blades or bikes with you, many parks have bike trails. Or you could walk a nature trail.


Look on the internet or in the paper for free concerts in your area.

- A lot of parks will have big band concerts that are free or ask for optional donations

- if you live near a big city look to see if there are free rock or oldies concerts at a city community area

- You can also look to see if a museum is having a free exhibit


Instead of going to the movie theater or renting a movie, see if your close friends have one that you would both enjoy. Ask to borrow it, stay in and pop some popcorn and you can both just relax in the comfort of your own home.


Like cars? See if there are car shows coming up in your area. Maybe if your girlfriend isn't interested in cars you could have fun filling her in.


Cook dinner together and eat in. It may not sound like "a date" but you both have to eat right?




I don't know if any of these ideas sound good to you but my boyfriend and I have a lot of fun with them, hope some of them will work for you!

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I used to take my GF to the blood bank for free donuts, coffee and a Tshirt.


That's brilliant! Although, I hope you also gave blood while you were there?

Long walks along the beach, or the lake, or the park or something are always a goer, and bake her a cake, it's cheaper than buying one and it's extra special because you made it!

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There are always lots of free events no matter what city you're in. Look them up on your city's homepage!


Play board games, bake cookies, go to the park, go for a jog/exercise together, walk your pets together, watch videos you want the other to see, read books, go through photo albums, pick flowers, look after a garden....the list of free joys in the universe are endless

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