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having trouble losing weight

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just an FYI, the cabbage soup diet works but ONLY TEMPORARILY. I guarantee that whomever does this will gain it all back VERY quickly. It's not a recommended diet.


Lil, I just wanted to let you know I am the same weight and height as you. No matter what I do, my body goes back to this weight. I have done weight watchers and was down to 145, then gained it all back very quickly.


For most people, unless you are on a permanent diet change, you will always gain it back. I struggled with this for a long time, then I realized that I look nice, I wear a size 12-14, I exercise, feel great, and am learning to be happy with my body.


Not everyone is made to be 120 pounds. Learn to love yourself for the way you are.


OOOh and one more thing: take lunch. Not eating when you have diabetis? Not a good idea!

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i think you should talk to a dietician. you have to manage your diabetes at the same time you manage your weight.


It doesn't matter how much you work out, the bottom line is that calories in must be less than calories out. You can exercise everyday, but if you are eating too many calories, the weight won't come off.


link removed has a really good program for taking off weight.

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Lol...I'm sorry...just a small comment here about the logic on temporary diets. So you're overweight, and want to lose weight (you in general). To limit exercising you go on this "diet". On the diet you lose all this weight, and then you quit your diet thinking you're good to go, only to gain all this weight all over again...logic tells me that going back to the habbits that caused you to be overweight in the first place isn't going to exactly help you hold the weight you want. Moral of the story...temporary diet = temporary weight loss. So for peeps in general...if you want to lose weight using a diet, make sure it's a permanent pick, otherwise you're pretty much wasting your time.

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weightwatchers doesnt work for me.


what do you mean?


and yes, jeremy has a good point. anything you do has to be a life-long committment. there are no quick fixes. what I do really like about weightwatchers is that it teaches you how to eat healthy and also portion sizes and identifying why you overeat.

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i was never gonna do a temp diet. i kno what that is. i do have some commen sense. and i've tried weight watchers. and it doesnt work for me. i dont over eat. i eat white rice in 1/2 cup of soy milk with some cinnamon spice on top for breakfast. i usually dont eat lunch. (altho i did today...gatorade and a banana) and for breakfast i usually eat something my mom makes for dinner that week (this week its ribs. but this is the first time i've had ribs in three months. ribs is like a special occasion for my family). i never eat microwave dinners. and then i'll usually have some cucumbers or carrots with my dinner. and when i eat a snack its usually bananas.

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i'm in the same weight boat as you are... would love to drop about 20. the diabetes is the most important thing to get straightened out, though! you sound like you have that part going on, but just need to get the insulin adjusted to the exercise. the most important thing in diabetes is stability... as i'm sure you know. if you just started exercising, things will need to be adjusted to your new routine.


also, i did the exact same thing... started out at 160 and began a new, everyday exercise routine. lost a little and then noting... but, what happened to me is that i think i started gaining muscle because even though my weight wasn't going down as fast, my body did change some. muscle weighs more than fat, so if you are doing things to build muscle, the weight won't be as obvious, but the size and shape of your body will change.


just my two cents... keep healthy and you'll be doing great!!!

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140 at 5'5" is very healthy. In fact if you wanted to you could be a little less, say around 120 depending on your body structure. If you have a large chest then no so much.


As far as actual loss goes, try low carb. It's also safe (even recommended) for diabetics, and find a doctor that supports low carb for diabetics. Find some low carb resources and then my only suggestion is instead of turning it into a bacon and egg diet, have SOME proteins and lots of low carb veggies. Bonus with low carb is you can eat out ANYWHERE.

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