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Strange feelings after seeing my ex :(

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I saw my ex at the shops today. He kissed me hello and was smiling like a fool!


I feel so strange, Ive shared so much with my ex, theres has been heaps of bad times yes, but there was also some good times.


Is it normal to feel so strange after seeing an ex?


We have been apart for more than a year and we have spoken and seen eachother on rare occasions and each time Ive felt really strange.


I have a boyfriend now, I would never cheat on him or anything. However I feel like a rat because my ex occasionally pops into my head and I feel strange.


Hm, I should add that my ex has tried getting back with me, he knows he did wrong and that he didnt put effort into the relationship, however he wants to sort things out.


I could never go back to him beacuse Im tired giving him chances, its happened too many times to count and plus I really like my boyfriend.


I wish I knew wht I feel like this... I wish I knew why I get so depressed when I see or talk to him. Does anyone have the same problem?

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Well yes i think its perfectly normal to feel this way when you see an ex; obviously you have the memory of all the different emotions you went through during that relationship and during the break-up. It seems to me that your feelings about this guy are still a little unclear and that could be another reason you are feeling this way. People dont like to be confused and it often causes depression.


One of other cause of depression is strong surpressed emotion. I know you said you would never cheat on your bf and appreciate that but is there a part of you that wants to get back with your ex and try and work things out? If there is then you need to admit that part of you exists before you can start the process of moving on from these feelings.


This doesnt mean you have to act on it but admitting it's there will help you heal it. I think it might help you to organise your emotions if you write them all down somewhere private. It doesnt have to be perfect English but the important thing is that you crystalise your emotions. If you want a starting point maybe write about all the positive aspects of your new relationship versus the negative aspects of things with your ex.

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If by strange you mean a sort guilt for still having strong feelings for your Ex while you have another boyfriend? Yes I think its normal, the bad news is it never seem to go away, the good news is you're resolute about your ex and your current relationship. When I feel that way I just hug my girlfriend for a little while and it usually subsides.

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