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emotional attachment.


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okay, i just wanted to ask a quick question on why i have such strong emotional attachments with some people.


i'm not close to my parents, my family, or most people from school. but the friends i do have, and the people i know over the internet i have a real big emotional attachment on for some reason. like i cling on to them.


if i don't get something so small as a bye i get upset. and i stay up til 4 am to be able to talk to people. in 48 hours, i've had about 2 hours sleep. i don't know why whenever i meet someone or someone takes me as a friend i cling on to them. when my good mate stopped talking to me for a little while, i actually cried...


and it's the same with girlfriends. i am too nervous to commit to another person. i knew a girl 3 years ago, we both liked each other and all we did was hold hands. we never went on a date, it wasn't a proepr relationship yet now 3 years later i think about her, and i get no sleep over it.


that's why i am too nervous to fall in love. because i know the outcome is i'm going to end up going through depression and unstable phases for up to 3 years after.


so how come i am attached to people so much? i've been told the reason why i hold on to them is because i don't get along with anyone in my family, i'm pushed aside so i seek attention from other people around me because i can't find it from my family. or i don't feel a sense of belonging from them.


is there a way to kind of stop the attachment to people?


thank you.

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