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embarassing but need some advice

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Alright im an an 18 year old male just turned 18 actually and i think i have a hemorrhoid. I thought i was to young for that but i guess not, it started last friday which was just over a week ago now. its right on the outside of my butt and and is a lump. i think its getting better but the bleedings getting worse. Im in good shape and play football so its also annoying but the pains not to bad really like i said its also getting better. But the bleedings getting worse and i cant really tell if the lumps getting smaller, but its def not getting bigger which is good i guess. Has anyone else had this? i looked it up online and it said it could take anywhere from few days to 3 weeks to get better. Also i do alot of heavy lifting will this falre up everytime i lift?


Thanks for the help

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No worries. Its sick i know, ive had a hemorrhoid or two since i turned 17.


I read somewhere they spawn when your strain to hard when * * * *tting.


I do a lot of heavy lifting in my job too, no they dont flare every time you lift something.


They suck but its one of those things of life.

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Hey There,


It does in fact sound like a hemorrhoid, but you should get it checked out by a doctor just to be on the safe side. Someone who does heavy lifting can actually injure themselves even more by performing what's called the "valsalva maneuver" (excessive straining to lift something heavy) and can, in effect, turn part of the bowel inside out. This is more serious and is why you should get it checked out.


If it is, in fact, a hemorrhoid, you can treat it with over the counter analgesics such as witch hazel, Tucks Pads, and Preperation H cream. It's important to keep it clean and keep from straining with heavy lifting and bowel movements- so drink plenty of fluids and eat your fiber too.

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Thanks for the quick responses. I dont want to go to the doctors really just because it would be very uncomfortable and embarrassing. So this does sound like a hemorrhoid then? The lifting i do is all weights and i have good form and actually havent been trying to go all out in my lifting since were in season right now mostly trying to maintain muscle now. I didnt do anything for it the first three days but have got prep H and tucks pads which seem to help. I cant really take it easy with practice everyday and games on friday but im trying to take warm baths and other medications. I just hope it gets better soon and doesnt falre up all the time.


Like i said the pain is getting much better but the bleeding seemed to pick up more the past 2 days is this a sign of it getting better? how long did it take for yours to heal? Online everything seems to say surgery but thats seems to drastic. Thanks for the help

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Well... Hope pretty much summed up the don't lift heavy stuff end of it.


If the bleeding picks up, you might want to have it checked to make sure you haven't developed a rectocele or some other hemmoroid-like variant. If it is bleeding on the bulbous part of the hemmroid that is outside of the rectum, some gentle pressure with a clean cotton ball can help stop it temporarily, tucks, Prep H, etc, can help also, you do need to not lift, andplay as little as you possibly can this week.


If you are embarrased to go to the doc, go to your trainer... he has seen it all buddy, and he can probably take a look-see at whatever is protruding and give you a better opinion than our guesses here...

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Hey There,


Keep in mind that we are not doctors and this is nothing to fool around with. Yes, it could be a hemorrhoid, but it could also be something more serious. I understand that it is embarrassing. Try to remember that doctors deal with this kind of thing very regularly and you have nothing to be embarrassed about. It's important to get it checked out in case you do need more aggresive treatment.


I hope you will reconsider.

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