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He dont act like it but why?


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Hey guys whats up? well anyways you that have read my latest post just forget them. Because i am tryin to start new. Well anyways i just moved in with my grandma and there is stables right up the road. Well i am boarding my horse there and i have met this guy named wesley and he is really cute and enjoys that same things i do. well i like him alot and he just dont act like he does. but there is sometimes i think he does. (EX. i can see him starin at me in the corner of my eye and he is real shy and hardly will talk but he talks to me alot and he is quiet around every body else.) like today me and his best friends and some of my buddies went on a trail ride. well since i started thinkin he didnt like me i startin to interest in one of his friends. so when we got back today he came right up to me and startin talk to me. well his friend i started to like came to and wesley kind of kept the other guy in the back so he could talk to me and stuff. well anyways wesleys friend that is with him all the time tells me he talks about me all the time. well write back and tell me what you think

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well anyways wesleys friend that is with him all the time tells me he talks about me all the time


You just answered your own question...


Go on another trail ride with only him. I can't think of a better adventure date than that. I usually advise against women making the first move but in case he's really shy why miss the chance and not ask him first then.


Good luck...

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