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Shal i hold Hope?


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So i have decided to do No Contact with my g/f its only been about 7 days but i swear it feels soooo much longer. It was very hard to not talk to her, i am stil confused, i didnt get many answers from her, just that she dooesnt love me etc.


Im confused because her feelings went so suddenly, she had been abroad to visit family for 2 months, and when she came back after a few days we argues and that was that for us, she told me how her feelings had gone for me how they had been going for a little while before she went but no reason why.


"I dont want to be in a realtionship right now, just want to be alone" But this is not the real reaon she left me i dont think so why would it be ? After things were so and i mean really good.


I dont know i kind of have hope still, im going to see her on first day of college this monday ill be in all her lessons so i dont know what to do.


i was talking to her cousin and her sister who are confused as me to why she has left me, they said leave her alone and shel come back to you herself, and even though i hope shel come back im somehow sure she wont. but i have hope.


She says she doesnt love me, and i think to my self why would i want to be with someone who doesnt love me, but its not that easy, i still love her and care for her so much.


I just dont know what to do. Shal i hold hope? Or just forget it give up.

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Love has to go BOTH ways. Even if she doesn't lie about her reasons why she doesn't want to be with you.


I've learned that sometimes loving someone means letting them go. Its her free will man, its her choice that she doesn't want to be with you, and trust me i KNOW its not what you want to hear.


You know the saying , if you let a pigeon go and it flies back to you it wants to be with you, if it doesn't return it was never meant for you to have.


So reasoning from that i would just let her go.

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