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Should I Go for This Crush?


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Hey all,


It's me again asking for advice.... Only, this time it's romantic advice. A crush.


Over the summer, I signed up for a MySpace account because I found this guy's profile very interesting. He works at a photography studio retouching photos, and he and I talked a bit about that. He seemed thrilled to want to get to know me. I noticed he had "dating" in his profile, so I thought of trying to start a convo to see what happens. We wrote about three times until he stopped. In his last message he apologized because of the divorce process he was going through. He opened up a bit and said, "Enough of my sob story, but I hope to hear back from you." I wrote back and that was when I last heard from him. He's in my Friends list, and he has me as one of his top 8, so I felt pretty special. He was so sweet.


I started talking to a co-worker friend of his and with his sister-in-law (she's married to my crush's older brother). I have invited both of them to hang out sometime, and they are both interested. Of course, we'll hang out at different times. Well, the guy I was originally talking with posted up a new sweet and warm smiling photo of himself, and now I basically am crushing over him all over again. He is just gorgeous and looks down-to-earth and quite sweet. Ohhh... I am swooning over him. I confided this to his sister-in-law, and she opted if I was ready that she would let my crush know.


I am very interested in him. He sounds interesting and is a great father to his kids. He sounds somewhat like me in parts of his profile. What would you all opinionate over giving a "green light" to his sister-in-law about me? Maybe she can help me go out with him or something. Oh, that would be nice. But, I am nervous. Would it be a good idea to have his sister-in-law help me? We are planning on hanging out in person like having some drinks after work or something, and she joked (or maybe was serious?) about inviting this guy too. Afterall, now she knows about my crush over him.


What do you all think?

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He's going through a divorce? If there is ever a red flag, this is it. Plus you haven't even physically met this guy yet?


You are infatuated with an idea here. I don't like the sound of this one...I can see you very easily getting your hopes up, falling hard for this guy, and getting hurt...

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