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Handling a group of girls


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I'm just starting to become less shy, especially with girls.. And well, talking to just one girl (that walks alone or something) is now a possibility for me and I'm getting a little bit better and more comfortable around girls..


But, usually, girls are together.. And I don't know how to deal with a group of girls... Especially when there are also some girls I don't know standing there..


Btw, I still have a lot more problems talking to girls I don't know...


Well, any suggestoions/help is welcome...


You've already helped me a lot!

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If you can talk to girls one-on-one just do that whilst in a group of girls.. talk to one girl and if the other girls want to talk, they will join in.


When talking to girls you don't know, find something in common like the same class, work, book etc. and talk about that. Then introduce yourself.

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