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What would you do???

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Hi fellow friends. I have a dillemia and would appreciate some advice.


There is an alumni festival coming up for my college and I know my ex will be there. I haven't seen her for almost 1 year since she broke up with me. I have avoided her and held NC in an attempt to get over things and put myself in a better place. We dated for 3 years and I really had my heart broken. I am still not totally healed.


1. Do you think it would be wise to skip this event? (continue NC and keeping working on myself)


2. Or would it be better to just go, say Hi chat for a min., be nice and move on? (I know you can't really avoid people forever)


Thanks for everyone's advice and comments.

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2!! You can't miss out on an event just because your ex will be there, otherwise you'll miss out on all the fun. I say go and chat, see what's new with her and keep it casual, if you feel awkward and wish to leave the conversation say you have to meet someone somewhere and walk away casually. Whatever you do don't look back and don't give her any contact details, otherwise the whole NC thing will break and that's not good.

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Thanks everyone for your advice. I think I will go and try my best just to enjoy the event. It feels like a good accomplishment to have not seen her for almost a year. But I know that won't last forever so I might as well face it now. She has e-mailed me a hi, how are you, miss our friendship, but I have held strong and have ignored them all.


I will try my best to keep things short with her. I can't flat out ignore her. I just don't have it in me to be that mean. I would rather be the better person, a model good behavior.

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Do you think you are strong enough to just say hi and walk away and not mull over it when you get home, if so then yes go, but if you will go home and not stop thinking about how good she looks then maybe stay away. Also will she question why you have not replied to her? Are you prepared to handle questions?

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