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Derailed with ADD


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It has been several months since I have been on here, but I'm back.

Here is my problem:

-I was diagnosed with ADD about a year and a half ago.

-prior to that, I had been treated for anxiety, but the anxiety was really coming from the frustration associated with my disorganization, inability to get stuff done, feelings of nonproductivity, 5 million thoughts in my head at the same time, the list goes on.

-The Pill-popping cycle: Paxil to Celexa, Celexa to Paxil and then Paxil to Cymbalta which I am currently taking in addition to my Adderall XR. Cymbalta may be aggravating situation because I am worse than I have ever been.

-I am a teacher and my administrator has caught to my behaviors: flip-floping from subject, to subject to subject in parent conferences and with colleagues, "not having my ducks in a row," "impulsiveness/interrupting, difficulty with paperwork, staying on task, disorganization. THIS IS ALL VERY UPSETTING TO ME.

-Please don't misunderstand, I am a highly qualified teacher with a masters degree in counseling. I have had good reviews since day 1. I am known at my school for my creativity, genuiness, sincerity, and my ability to get along well with parents. My administrator is just concerned about me and I am bothered because I never realized that I was obviously ADD and that I was doing what I was doing.

-I am trying to cope with ADD by making lists prioritizing important things and being aware of my difficulty getting from point A to B without taking at least 20 detours along the way. How many times have I been told "get to the point!"

-I am not the most punctual person in the world. Getting somewhere on time is one of the hardest things in the world for me. Distractions derail me from my end goal.

-I have never really had a successful relationship.

-Sex sucks because I have so much going on in my head at one time and I cant climax.



Please help. I at least want some friends who have ADD and know what I am going through. Tonight, I was so stressed out I took 2 pain pills to mellow out and I never would do that normally! They were left over from when I was hurt once but I know better than to abuse them.


I know this is a lot of stuff, but my point is that I am an Adult female with ADD and am trying to cope.



Suzie B

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I was diagnosed with ADD about 1.5 years ago, plus a learning disability. I kind of figured the learning disability when I was younger. I can't add, subtract, divide, multiply, etc very well and I can read, but I can't comprehend what I read well.


I also have anxiety, but most times I have that under control thanks to xanax.


I haven't figured out a way to deal with it yet. It become stressful because you tend to put things off and things just start building up.


DE, why can't you discuss this in public?


Suzie, my suggestion is to remove your email from the post before bots and spiders pick it up for a spam mail list.



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thanks. we'll talk soon. Dealing with ADD is tough especially as an adult. People are more understanding of children wtih ADD than with adults. I guess it is because when one thinks of add/adhd, they think of a kid who is springing off the walls or the kid that cant sit still or focus. I found a lot of good resources on the following site: link removed.


have a focused, restful night!

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