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mental break and schizo-fit

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ok so today im at school, i woke up late so i barely made it but i didnt really care too much. i get there and every thing is cool. out of nowhere every one is talking about me, laughing at me, my head swells their voices are so loud and one voice i cant connect to a face screaming "F you your a loser their laughing at you your just a joke" that voice gets louder and louder and i cant stop it. finally i grab this kid by the neck slam him to the wall and bit his face and shook him like crazy then i left i stayed 2 more periods and left at lunch. im walking home past an elementary school and i look at the playground.i hear gunshots, i swear they were real and the sky was glowing red and the playground looked like a battle feild. i was freaking out, this is not a good thing i dont think i dont know what caused it but im totally freaked out and i hate pretty much every one. any advice on what i can do without implicating meds, or docs therapists and whatnot?

i really need help


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I'm sorry man, but you need to get to a doctor (either your family practicioner who can refer to to a psychiatrist, or a psychiatrist if you alreday know one) asap. If you are experiencing these kinds of hallucinations and they are resulting in violent tendencies, you need to get some professional help. Once you get that, you can focus on the core issues that may be causing these things. But, you need to address these symptoms right now.


Don't let your pride or fear of your parents finding out stop you. This is serious stuff and they should be supportive of you.

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Hey there,


I mentioned this earlier in the summer in one your posts but seriously, you need medical attention, ASAP! Those voices you are hearing can be very dangerous to you and others. You assulted an innocent person at school. Is that the way you want to be? Hurting others and perhaps yourself? I would do something about this until something tragic happens.


There is nothing wrong with taking medication and with your description of what happened to today at school, you need it. I would strongly advice you talk to your general practioner and get a referral. I know you mentioned you have seen doctors in the past, but not all of them will connect with you. You need to find one you can trust and connect with. There are plenty out there. Schizophrenia is linked to an overproduction of dopamine within the limbic system of the brain. Medication is the only method that can stabilize the production of it. If you do not fix this now, you are going to end up in jail. As a person whom used to work with inmates, you do not want to be in jail. There is nothing wrong with getting medical help.

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