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Ello, I know been said B4 but advise would be cool!


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Once again ello all, I know this kinda question does the rounds but anyhows here goes....


I have been playing football for years and as all guys do we check out the other guys equipment so I always knew I am on the small side and it has not really affected me to stop taking a shower or seeing girls. The girls I have seen have never made fun or laughed them selves silly or get a headache the moment they reach down below.. but as a tricky subject not one you can ask your mates or a not too serious girlfriend.. I thought I would ask complete strangers.. hehe..

My penis when flaccid is 2.75 inches and 4.75 when errect with a girth of just under 5... So my questions are Would you be disappointed if when you first took a glimpse? Is it small? could it satisfy? Have you seen a smaller one?

Well this I know sounds silly but I am not that hang up about it I am just curious and would love some honest and frank feed back..


Thanks for reading my ramblings and I hope you all have a fab day...





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